The Wheel Turns… Elvis Memorabilia Plummets In Value

It’s inevitable that the groups of collectors who bolster specific niche categories tend to “finish” with their collecting at some point in their lives. Or deaths. The collectors of Elvis Presley records and memorabilia may have hit their wall, and as this article details, the value of the material is falling in the marketplace.

Many factors are at play here: The aging of the collector fan base for Elvis; the saturation of the market for Elvis material that is being given up by people who no longer want to collect “The King”; a phase of cultural history is passing into the limelight where the music and artifacts have less relevance to the fickle marketplace. Right now punk music is really hot, and prices are accelerating. Rockabilly has cooled down considerably. “Northern Soul” has plateaued. But for all the categories, including Elvis, the truly rare and the truly iconic material will keep its value. A near mint first original pressing of Elvis’ debut album will still command attention, though “Do The Clam” may pass into trivia territory.

Can’t help falling in price: why Elvis memorabilia is plummeting in value

As the King’s fans die of old age, and their collections hit the second-hand market, vintage Elvis records have never been cheaper