Having A Lot Of Records Is Not The Same As Having A Valuable Collection

We’re seeing this sort of article in regional and local presses more often. As Boomers take stock of their lives, they are often confronted with an accumulation of stuff that they need to deal with. Record collecting was easy to do, and relatively cheap, for a long time, particularly since the music was so much a part of the social fabric. But now, what to do, what to do. This man has my sympathy, but there’s probably no way he’s going to get close to a dollar a disc for over a quarter-million records. Given the details in this article, one can infer that this is an accumulation, not a collection. He probably just picked up anything he could get his hands on, and didn’t really concern himself with specific pressing editions (except those colored vinyl discs, apparently). Late 20th Century Western Civilization produced the largest amount of consumer goods in history; and now many people think they’ve got a gold mine. Well, there are a lot of “gold mines” out there. Don’t get your hopes up.

Medford man looking to sell collection of 260,000 records

The 68-year-old Medford resident has 260,000 albums in storage, but he says age and illness is prompting him to part ways with his prized collection that includes everything from Little Richard and Elvis Presley to Brahms and Beethoven.