Individual Collectors

Individuals with significant collections should have them appraised because….
  • Insurance Coverage: Large collections tend to have high value and should be insured against a loss.
  • Collection Management: An appraisal can help in making a decision on to how to manage the collection now or in the future. That may mean sale, donation, family distribution, or some other option.
  • Probate and Estates: An appraisal can help solve issues of probate for survivors who may not know what to do with your collection. It provides peace of mind and security that your collection will be handled properly according to your wishes.
  • Donation: An appraisal will ensure that the IRS will accept your donation for a charitable contribution credit.
  • Sale Or Auction Valuation: Maybe you want to validate the value of your collection before you send it to auction. We can help you do that.

I can help you to better understand its potential value. You’ll have a better idea in knowing your options, with clearer, informed choices as to what your next steps might be – whether it’s to sell, archive, insure or donate