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A Trusted Resource for Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Personal Representatives, and Trustees

Litigation – Insurance – Tax – Estates:

We offer a range of services for attorneys. Our goal is to save you time and money with our expertise and professionalism. All appraisals follow the rigorous methodology of the most current edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (“USPAP”) as required by the I.R.S. and most legal forums.

Appraisal and Appraisal Review:

We provide credible Fair Market Value, Replacement Value, and Liquidation appraisals of contested property, as well as formal reviews of previous appraisals.

Litigation Support:
  • Support for property settlement litigation in cases of divorce, damage and loss claims, and lawsuits.
  • Consulting on valuations and specific characteristics critical to valuing various types of music memorabilia.
  • Background research conducted for provenance, edition issues, and other criteria important to establishing a defensible argument to value.
Expert Testimony:
  • Stephen Braitman can serve as an expert witness at trial and deposition, testifying on music appraisal, music collection advisory management, the music market, and on specific music memorabilia and collecting categories.
  • Stephen can assist in legal cases related to personal bankruptcy, contentious divorce, insurance litigation, loss in value disputes, estate litigation, and more.
  • Professional and prepared testimony as needed for depositions and court appearances. Value estimates are supported with a solid defense in cross-examination.