The world of record collecting, music memorabilia, the auction and donation scene, and appraisal are ever-changing. But we can probably expect to see something like these predictions in the coming year:


  • The new Vinyl Resurgence Bubble will burst in 2017. Hipsters will stop paying $35.00 for reissues of classic LPs that can still be bought as used originals for $2.00. There will be a huge markdowns on new vinyl LPs, perhaps approaching the legendary 2-for-$1.00 days of the early ‘70s.


  • A major academic institution will be embarrassed when it is discovered that their sheet music collection, dating back to the late 19th Century, was accidentally sent to recycling when a digital librarian was put in charge during the archivist’s vacation. “Nobody plays music from paper anymore,” was the librarian’s first response.


  • Music memorabilia auction prices go higher and higher, catching the eye of investment firms. Major auction house like Christie’s and Bonham’s are sold to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.


  • A previously unknown Robert Johnson recording is discovered on an 8-track cartridge found at an Indiana Goodwill.


  • A new trend of classical music performance catches on: DJs remix classic symphonic recordings live in concert.