“CPA Finds Buried Treasure in Elton John’s Record Collection”


An 2013 article from Accounting Today reports that Jeanine T. Patrick, of Patrick & Patrick CPAs in Upland, California, recently found some hidden treasures in a Sir Elton John collection that was auctioned to raise money for his AIDS charity 20 years ago. The inventory has revealed that the collection is much larger than expected, originally believed to have 50,000 items, it is  now confirmed to contain more than 70,000 items. This includes singles, albums, 8-track cassettes, compact discs and unique studio tapes– a prolific personal record purchasing, personal gifts and material from Sir Elton John’s record company Rocket Records. Stephen M. H. Braitman was featured in Accounting Today to evaluate the new findings within the collection and how it might change the way we understand Elton John as a musician.

“The richness of the collection clearly reflects a passion and curiosity for all genres of music,” said Stephen M. H. Braitman of musicappraisals.com, the collection’s appraiser. “It is not only comprehensive, but arguably a definitive portrait of the 50’s through the 80’s and possesses an enduring value and importance.  With the Collection’s rarities, unique editions and historical releases, I can’t imagine there is another collection quite like it in the world.”

Elton John Collection

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