Autograph Authentication Law Revised

Following up a previous item earlier this year, California just passed a revision to a draconian law that required extensive documentation and authentication for the sale of any autographed memorabilia. Particularly incensed were booksellers who sold signed copies of books, many signed at author appearances. Each signed book sold would have had to have separate documentation attesting to the time, place, and authentication of the signature. The law also affected any signed record album or other signed musical artifact, such as signed instruments. The revision, California AB228 narrows the law to specifically exempt “books, manuscripts, correspondence, art work and decorative objects.” It also raises the price of those items that need certification from $5.00 to $50.00. This is better, but it remains to be seen if “decorative objects” will be interpreted to mean record album covers, still photographs, and other common items of music memorabilia.

The SF Gate report is here.