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Attention music lovers: N.S. radio station selling its entire vinyl collection

Attention music lovers: N.S. radio station selling its entire vinyl collection

Selling off their vinyl – is this short-sighted or prescient? Ever since this “vinyl is back” boom, naysayers have said the bubble will be bursting. Perhaps vinyl records will lose their hipster cache, but the realities of the marketplace dictate more than pop consciousness. Prices are high, and going higher, and won’t be going back anytime soon.

When Confronted With A Wall Of Records And You Don’t Know Where To Start

My recent hour-long presentation for
California Lawyers for the Arts was aimed at helping estate executors, property settlement judges, and divorce lawyers identify significant value in a music collection that could easily be overlooked if one is not trained to see these “hidden assets.”
This was fun to do, and I hope it can also help others recognize that a
record collection and music memorabilia can be a major part of an overall estate valuation. This can help give you some tools to quickly assess whether a collection is worth serious examination.

The Henri Temianka Audio Preservation Lab


The Henri Temianka Audio Preservation Lab, named for the renowned violinist and leader of the Paganini Quartet and the California Chamber Symphony, was recently opened in a ceremony attended by Dr. Daniel Temianka, the composer’s son. The Lab is a state-of-the-art audio preservation facility with two studios created to preserve the unique audio materials held by the University of Santa Barbra Library and migrate them to digital formats. The preservation of physical materials – tapes, records, discs, even paper goods like letters, photographs, business documents – has become of paramount importance to historical and cultural archives. The digitization ensures such physical materials will be preserved and universally accessible for many years to come.

A Ring of Vinyl Bootleggers Have Been Busted in Wales

A Ring of Vinyl Bootleggers Have Been Busted in Wales

This high-profile counterfeit bust is probably just the tip of the iceberg. As records and music memorabilia become more and more valuable, with higher auction prices in particular, the compulsion to satisfy collector desires will be hard to resist for the unscrupulous. Unfortunately we’re still in a “Buyer Beware” market. The Wild West of music collecting will only be tamed by the acceptance of standards from professionals, perhaps organized into a dedicated non-profit group.


‘John Lennon jukebox’ is music to a collector’s ears

Read more about the ‘John Lennon jukebox’ here…

Old jukeboxes and other music mechanical devices can bring unexpected benefits, particularly if there’s a notable provenance. This is a “John Lennon Jukebox,” but it’s not John Lennon’s Jukebox. It still interested a whole lot of folks, and the media, when the “antique” showed up at a local auction house in England.