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Record Collector Stole Friend’s Rare Vinyls and Sold Them for £500

Another cautionary tale for collectors. No, it’s not that you can’t trust another record collector. It’s because of this: “The case was adjourned as there was confusion about the amount of records stolen.” If there had been an authoritative catalog or list of the collection, there would be no problem identifying the missing items. Get that list done now!

Side Comment: The use of the word “vinyl” for “record” is matched in vulgarity only by the simply awful plural form, “vinyls.”

Rare Vintage Music Typewriter Lets You Type Sheet Music

A very interesting – and rare – artifact from an era when everything was thought to be improved with technology. (Sound familiar?) The problem with a typewriter for typing music notes is, 1) A composer or songwriter probably would not be able to use the machine for actual creative writing; the mechanics would be too alienating. And, 2) even if a score was typed with this machine, it would still need to be typeset for printing. So, alas, they call this “abandonware.”


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Ken Burns ‘Country Music’ Documentary Slated for September Premiere on PBS

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Read the original article HERE.