INDIVIDUALS: When you need to know the value of your…
Records – Posters – Sheet Music – CDs – Promotional items – Any Other Music memorabilia
Here are some ways I can help:

* Insurance Coverage – File an appraisal with your insurance company to guarantee full payment for loss
* Property issues – For estate, divorce, and probate settlements
* Donation – Make sure the IRS will accept your donation for a charitable contribution credit
* Sale Or Auction Valuation – When you need an appraisal to ensure validation of estimated value

For your own collection:

I can help you to better understand its potential value. You’ll have a better idea in knowing your options, with clearer choices as to what your next steps might be. You’ll give your family peace of mind.

I’ve just been given a large record collection. Now what do I do?”

If you have been gifted or willed a record or music memorabilia collection, and you are not a collector yourself, I can help you understand what you have. An evaluation will give you the information you need to make an informed choice of options, including sale, donation, and archiving.

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