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YOU CAN USE THIS FORM FOR ANY KIND OF MUSIC MEMORABILIA – LPs, Posters, Sheet Music, Books, Signed Items, etc.

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IMPORTANT: If you need a more detailed and formal appraisal of your records, CDs, posters, or other music memorabilia for tax or insurance purposes, please contact me at: braitman@musicappraisals.com to discuss the options.

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        • Name of Group or Artist and Title of LP, CD, 45 or Other
        • (examples: Button; Banner; Display; Toy; Press Kit; Photograph)
        • (examples: Columbia Records; Random House; Warner Bros.; Doubleday)
        • (Click Where is the Catalog Number? for a description)
        • mm/dd/yyyy
        • (Click help with evaluation)
        • (Click help with evaluation)
        • (Signed? Promotional copy? White label? Picture disc? Provenance?)
        • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Help with Evaluation: Condition is the most controversial subject in music collecting. One person’s “Mint” is another person’s “Very Good,” and so on.

Your evaluation will be based on Near Mint and Very Good conditions. Be honest with your own estimation of condition. If you are uncertain how to grade, a good guide to condition is at: Record Collectors Guild

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