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George Formby fan hid ‘£19,000 ukuleles’ from wife

Let me tell you the times a woman has called me and said her husband has a huge record collection — and she wants to know the value of it. Why, I ask innocently? Community property. Yep, divorce. It’s probably a good idea for spouses to know what each other has in assets – even if just “worthless old records” – long before it comes to separation. That might make a much happier marriage.


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February Newsletter

The chilly winds and rain of February will soon give way to the conflicting mix of Spring weather drawing near. That means you can start seriously thinking about how to manage your collection or archive. Will you be expanding? Redefining? De-acquisitioning? Large or small, rare or common, the collection you love, learn from, and share deserves consideration as part of your legacy. Photographs, music, posters, instruments, scores, documents, even trading cards and tee-shirts – These things matter to the future. The future cares about the past, even the past that just passed. Really. Consequently, my one piece of advice for you now has a great resonance through time: Don’t assume anything. Don’t make assumptions about what is valuable and what is not. Don’t ignore anything that you might consider “trivial” or “unimportant.” Sometimes even the smallest, flimsiest piece of paper is the most desirable item of all.
Stephen M.H. Braitman, ASA


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Attention music lovers: N.S. radio station selling its entire vinyl collection

Selling off their vinyl – is this short-sighted or prescient? Ever since this “vinyl is back” boom, naysayers have said the bubble will be bursting. Perhaps vinyl records will lose their hipster cache, but the realities of the marketplace dictate more than pop consciousness. Prices are high, and going higher, and won’t be going back anytime soon.


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